Lester Davis

Rental Maintenance Department

  • O: (717) 925-9405
Rental Maintenance Department - Rental Inspections

Monica Landis

Monica is our front desk receptionist at the Quarryville office. She also assist our maintenance department answering...

Tami Shaub

Because buying and selling real estate is a major decision, Tami believes that it is important to help people make the...

Brittney Kelley

Rental Maintenance Department

  • O: (717) 925-9405
Brittney is in charge of the Rental Maintenance Department. Her responsibilities revolve around maintenance requests...

Rose Griest

  • O: (717) 786-6200
Hostetter Realty                           ...

Bob Gochenaur

  • O: (717) 354-6416
  • M: (717) 951-9522
Bob Gochenaur, RealtorHostetter Realty321 E. Main St, New HollandOffice: (717) 354-6416Cell: (717) 951-9522Email:...