Rachel Gore

Rachel Gore

  • Cell: (717) 340-0099
  • Office Location: 321 E. Main St, New Holland PA

About Rachel Gore

Education and Professional Background:  Rachel has an associates degree in Architecture Technology and a bachelors degree in Architecture Design and Build.  She has five years of experience in the architecture field as an architectural designer and 1 year experience teaching 6-8th graders architecture at the Youth Go Green Program in Lancaster City.  Rachel brings a wealth of valuable information to her clients and has a heart of service.

Professional Philosophy:  We all have a purpose and serving my neighbors is part of my life philosophy that brings meaning to a higher level.  I believe my life success has been because of my diligent (doing the extra research, rechecking the documents and having things ready for the “just-in-case” moments) and because I genuinely care for people and treat them as if they were my kids, or mom or grandpa.  I want the absolute best for my clients and will not settle for less. 

Professional Affiliation:  Member of the Lancaster County Board of Realtors, Member of the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors and Member of the National Association of Realtors.

Personal Background:  Rachel was raised in Brooklyn, NY and was part of USFIRST Robotics in high school.  That has opened the door for experience in the architecture field and has lead her into real estate.  Rachel currently lives in Ephrata with her family and she enjoys painting, swimming and a good joke.