Rose Griest

  • O: (717) 786-6200
Hostetter Realty                           ...

Bob Gochenaur

  • O: (717) 354-6416
  • M: (717) 951-9522
Bob Gochenaur, RealtorHostetter Realty321 E. Main St, New HollandOffice: (717) 354-6416Cell: (717) 951-9522Email:...

Tami Shaub

Because buying and selling real estate is a major decision, Tami believes that it is important to help people make the...

Monica Landis

Monica is our front desk receptionist at the Quarryville office. She also assist our maintenance department answering...

Kore Fisher

  • O: (717) 786-6200
  • M: (717) 587-2539
Kore has a desire to help others with their real estate investments with his guidance and leadership. His passion is...

Brittney Kelley

Rental Maintenance Department

  • O: (717) 925-9405
Brittney is in charge of the Rental Maintenance Department. Her responsibilities revolve around maintenance requests...

Lester Davis

Rental Maintenance Department

  • O: (717) 925-9405
Rental Maintenance Department - Rental Inspections